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Polyphemus and Galatea Aqidah, Russian animation by Regisseur Anatoly Petrov from 1995 recounts the mythological tale of Acis and Galatea.

In Ovid’s Metamorphoses xiii. 750–68, Acis (Greek: Άκις) was the spirit of the Acis River in Sicily, beloved of the nereid, or sea-nymph, Galatea (Γαλάτεια; “she who is milk-white”). Galatea returned the love of Acis, but a jealous suitor, the Sicilian cyclops Polyphemus, killed him with a boulder. Distraught, Galatea then turned his blood into the river Acis. The Acis River flowed past Akion (Acium) near Mount Etna in Sicily.

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Finis (The End of All Things), 1887 by Maximilian Pirner

Maximilian Pirner (1854-1924) was a Czech painter. A member of the Vienna Secession and associated with the Czech Secession art movements, Pirner’s usual themes were classical mythology (such as his Medusa (1891) and Hecate (or Hekate) (1901)) and the macabre (such as Sleepwalker (or Girl in Her Nightie Walks on the Window-Ledge) (1878), Daemon Love (1893), and Allegory of Death (1895)). Pirner also completed a number of sketches of female figures, many of them nudes.

Described by one critic as having achieved “mastery of the sinuous line,” Pirner also had his detractors. One contemporary critic, while acknowledging Pirner’s talent, considered him an “over-sophisticated mystic.”


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Alien Encounters from New Tomorrowland (1995, Hosted by Robert Urich), A UFO documentary, filmed and produced by The Walt Disney Company.

With an introduction by Michael D. Eisner.

This film is unavailable commercially. Apparently broadcast only once on television in just five states and never again, it presents UFO phenomenon as fact.

From IMDB: Robert Urich, the legendary Jim Street in ‘S.W.A.T.’, is the host of this voyage around the UFO’s and its mystery. From New Tomorrowland, in Disneyland, Urich talks about UFO, contacts, evidences of its arrives, abductions, military documents and other things what surround this controversial thematic. From the 30′s years until the present, the UFOs always have been there very close to us, everyday, every time.

Do aliens exist? Have aliens visited the Earth? Could it be a fiction created by the military? And the last and most important question: If they exist, would they will be our friends…or our enemies?

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The top image is from a deleted scene from the erotic fantasy/horror film, Cat People, directed by Paul Schrader released in 1982. The film is a reinterpretation of Cat People from 1942 by Val Lewton. This scene was inspired by Fernand Khnopff’s The Sphinx or The Caresses, painted in 1896.

It was cut from the film because it was deemed rather silly, but it’s also quite interesting. It would have occurred near the end of the film during a dream sequence by the lead character, Irena. The leopard woman was supposed to be Irena’s mother so they recruited Nastassja Kinski’s (who played Irena) real-life mother, actress Ruth Brigitte Tocki to play this part. Next to her is actor, Malcolm McDowell.

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